Mobility & Vehicle Mechanics

ISSN 1450 - 5304 print, e-ISSN 2334-9891

It is an scientific platform in order to disseminate research results in the field of vehicle mechanics, engines and transportation systems. The main scope and mission of the Journal is to provide a forum for the publication of high quality scientific papers in the field of vehicles and transport in general, and a dissemination medium for new ideas and developments that originate in, or are of interest to the world transport research community.

The Journal is intended for a very broad audience, including: researchers, professionals and practitioners interested in the different issues and aspects of mobility and vehicle mechanics, technology researchers, professionals and practitioners involved in the design of transport-related services and interactive systems, industrial practitioners interested in the integration of research outcomes in mainstream automotive applications and services, policy makers involved in the research and technological development, standardisation, legislation, innovation and technology transfer activities in the context of the automotive and transport.

The Journal has been established in 1975 by the University in Kragujevac, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and was in Serbian. Since 1992, Journal has international Editorial board and is in English. Papers are per reviewed blindly.

Main areas

Contributors are advised to submit papers that fit at least in one of the following main areas of interest identified by the Journal:

    Vehicle technology

    Powertrain technology

    Human Factors

    Mobility and transport behaviour

    Safety and security

    Freight transport and logistics

    Transport and economics

    Transport and the environment

    Transport infrastructure

    Transport planning and policy

    Transport system management

However, the Editorial Board shall also consider papers that are not directly related to these areas, but are considered of interest or of particular concern to the aims and goals of the Journal.